VisionStat® Digital Video Recorder

The VisionStat® Digital Video Recorder is a compact and advanced 4-channel, solid state DVR designed for commercial vehicle monitoring. The system helps prevent theft and fraud, as well as insurance concerns and issues involving accidents. It’s also the ideal solution for driver education and coaching in a cost-effective design that documents and records safety related activity in and around commercial vehicles.

This highly integrated and flexible system allows the user to record (under lock and key) all activity in and around the vehicle while in motion or stationary. Incorporating up to four (4) camera views optional to the user, the VisionStat® MA-DVR4-4SD conveniently records video and audio onto high capacity, removable SD cards.


Constant and Event Alarm Video can be automatically recorded when a vehicle is turned on or when the driver/operator manually presses the event record button. Also recorded and tracked are GPS location coordinates, vehicle speed, sound and G-force acceleration/braking. Any VisionStat® camera type can be employed such as a rear-view, side-view, forward facing (dash-cam), in-cab (driver) or dome (trailer content monitoring). Real-time in-cab camera viewing is available with a VisionStat® color monitor including optional touch-screen and waterproof protection models.



  • Event triggered recording (up to 6 triggers)
  • Large memory storage (up to 1TB)
  • 4 Channel DVR (4 views with 4 cameras)
  • Tamper proof and lockable SD card door
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity (optional)
  • Installation support available
  • 3 year warranty