TireStat Tire Sensor Mounting Options

One Sensor, Three Mounting Options

With our patent-pending, flow-thru design the TireStat® sensor can be threaded externally on any metal valve stem, secured inside the tire on the tread area, or inside on the wheel. TireStat® is the only tire sensor that can be installed either inside or outside your tire, as preferred by the user.

1. Internal Tire Attach Mount

Internally mounting the sensor to the tire will allow for complete tire tracking, which will make any tire management program more effective.

2. Internal Wheel Strap Mount

Internally mounted sensors will improve tire temperature accuracy, which will give more accurate data.

3. External Valve Stem Mount

Externally mounted sensors give the driver flexibility by utilizing the flow-thru design, which allows for adding or removing air without removing the sensor.


Tirestat® Sensor Features

  • Externally or internally mountable flow-thru sensor
  • Adjust tire pressure without sensor removal
  • Longest maintenance-free sensor battery life (up to 10 years)
  • Automatic sensor programming – No Data Entry Required
  • 1% pressure and 2% temperature accuracy (-40°C to +125°C)

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