Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

MobileTRAQ® Vue In-Cab Monitor

Commercial Fleets vehicle camera safety system

MobileTRAQ® Vue is a customizable in-cab monitoring device that gives the driver and maintenance team complete control over tire management. This portable device utilizes RFID technology to pair tires and configure assets within minutes. In order to minimize time spent on swapping trailers, the Static Trailer Exchange was developed so that the drivers could readily Drop and Hook assets.

MobileTRAQ® Que Telematics Device

Utility Vehicles vehicle camera safety system

MobileTRAQ® Que is a non-display version of the Vue that allows for remote truck or trailer tire monitoring. Utilizing cellular and/or GPS connectivity, the Que can be tied to any asset in the fleet, allowing fleet managers to stay on top of driver behavior and tire status. In order to access this data, we’ve built a highly interactive web platform that gives real-time information 24/7.

TireStat® Tire Sensor

Utility Vehicles vehicle camera safety system

TireStat® is the revolutionary, commercial-grade truck TPMS sensor designed to grow with your needs and industry demands. Powered by the MobileTRAQ® Vue and/or Que, we guarantee that whether your vehicle is on the road or in the yard, TireStat is the most durable and advanced sensor on the market. With three mounting options and a ten-year battery life, your tires can perform higher and last longer.