SenseStat® Sensor Mounting Options

SenseStat Sensor Selection

Choose from any of these options:

  • Bumper Brackets – Sturdy metal bracket allows for creative installation.
  • Flush Mount – Drill a hole and insert rubber-sleeved sensors for a sleek look.
  • Rugged SE Housings – Heavy-duty rubber housings hold and protect sensors.

Bumper Brackets

The standard waterproof sensor is provided with a metal under-bumper mounting bracket. The sensor can be easily removed from the bracket for easy replacement. This also lets it be mounted directly into a bumper, utilizing the included rubber grommet (see Flush Mount, below).


Flush Mount Sensors

Included with each kit are four protective rubber grommets designed to hold the sensor firmly and in the correct position, when flush mounted into a bumper. Simply drill a 25mm hole into a 3.2mm thick bumper and press in the sensor. Flush mounting is a clean, low-profile way to outfit a vehicle.


Rugged SE Housings

Waterproof sensors are encased in a durable rubberized material to provide maximum protection in environments where units may be subject to greater potential damage. The SE sensor offers the flexibility of a vertical or horizontal mount.