MobileTRAQ® Vue Truck TPMS

MobileTRAQ® is a rugged, commercial vehicle smart device designed and manufactured in the USA. MobileTRAQ® pairs with a variety of Mobile Awareness sensors, including our industry-leading TPMS sensor TireStat®, to enhance fleet safety and reduce maintenance costs. It is the future of asset management, providing fleets with flexible and upgradeable trucking safety solutions.

A Portable Monitor for RFID pairing

DVR Front

The MobileTRAQ® Vue is an in-cab monitoring device that displays real-time tire information and notifications. It is a highly integrated tool, which includes USB, that allows for easy system upgrades. The Vue was developed to help drivers and maintenance teams manage their tires in order to prevent vehicle breakdowns and CSA violations.

Why MobileTRAQ® Vue?


MobileTRAQ® provides a user-friendly experience via a touch screen, LCD color display. All tire pressure and temperature readings can be displayed simultaneously, and all pressure warnings/alarms are selectable in (1) PSI increments.



MobileTRAQ® utilizes RFID technology, which means that it can read tags on tires, badges or trailers for quick and easy pairing or programming. MobileTRAQ® can also come with a rechargeable battery, which can make it a portable device and easy for programming TireStat sensors.



MobileTRAQ’s exclusive Static Trailer Exchange allows the driver to easily Drop and Hook trailers with the touch of a button so that productivity is increased.



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