MobileTRAQ® Que Tire Tracking System

MobileTRAQ® is a tire management platform that was developed by engineers who understand the commercial trucking industry. The platform is an integrated software and hardware tool that provides tire data beginning with the TireStat sensor. Together, MobileTRAQ® and TireStat® produce a complete tire monitoring and tracking solution for fleets.

Remote Tire Tracking & Monitoring


The MobileTRAQ® Que is a non-display device that can collect, store and transmit tire data when paired with the TireStat® sensor. The Que was developed to give real-time tire reports through a web application so that assets and tires could be monitored remotely.

Why MobileTRAQ® Que?

Tires are one of the largest expenses for trucking companies. In order to maintain healthy tire life, 24/7 asset and tire tracking is vital for finding trends and predicting events so that fleets can make more informed decisions:

Real-Time Monitoring


Utilizing cellular connectivity, tire data can be transmitted to a website for real-time monitoring. The next step in complete tire management is collecting and analyzing this data, which is made possible through our custom reporting tab.

Location Logging


Vehicle and driver management can be very costly, especially when assets go missing or drivers get lost. GPS asset tracking helps fleets optimize driving patterns for both safety and efficiency.

Alerts and Notifications


Real-time email or text alerts can be configured so that maintenance personnel can efficiently manage their fleet.

It all starts with the most accurate sensor

In order for MobileTRAQ® to provide all of this information, the TireStat sensor will be needed.

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