An often overlooked, critically important aspect of any commercial telematics and/or vehicle safety product expenditure is a quality and reliable installation. Depending on vehicle type, product, and scheduling requirements, the installation can become complex and burdensome. Given the safety related benefits achieved through correct product selection and installation, it's critical that they be performed by a team of professionals. That's why our installation partner is On-site Communications.

One of the many advantages of On-Site Communications is the people they employ. Their technicians are carefully selected and go through a rigorous state-of-the-art training program with senior technicians and crew leaders. They are trained professionally on trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles. In addition they have extensive knowledge and experience installing the entire family of Mobile Awareness products.

Furthermore, On-Site Communications services the entire country using their highly-trained, experienced install experts. Crew leaders have decades of collective experience installing commercial electronics systems with responsibility for ensuring every project is completed on time and to the highest standards of quality.

When it comes to protecting your employees and your assets, don't risk that investment to errors or short cuts. The harsh environments most commercial vehicles are exposed to is reason enough to make sure it is done right, done professionally, and done on time.