Vehicle Backup Camera System, Backup Sensor System + Video Monitoring and Recording


Commercial Fleets vehicle camera safety system

Our line of VisionStat® Commercial Backup Camera Systems are able to monitor up to four cameras, whether it’s during the day or at night. We offer monitors in 3.5", 5.6" and 7" (Rear View Mirror and Waterproof Monitors also available). This system comes with a three year warranty and is available as a digital wireless solution.

VisionStat® Plus

Utility Vehicles vehicle camera safety system

VisionStat® Plus is not only a Backup Camera System, but also a Backup Sensor System. VS+ combines our cameras (VisionStat) with our sensors (SenseStat), giving your vehicle the most protection possible. This system also comes with a three year warranty.

VisionStat® Digital Video Recorder

VisionStat Digital Video Recorder

VisionStat® Digital Video Recorder is a compact and advanced 4-channel, solid state DVR designed for commercial vehicle monitoring. This highly integrated and flexible system allows the user to record (under lock and key) all activity in and around the vehicle while in motion or stationary.