About Us

Applied Technology for Improved Fleet Maintenance

Mobile Awareness, LLC is an Applied Technology company that designs, develops, and markets commercial vehicle safety products utilizing leading-edge sensor, computing, and communication technology. With over 75 years of experience, our R&D engineers employ the latest advancements in vehicle safety compliance to provide quality and cost-effective products. By focusing on loss prevention, accident avoidance, and asset management, we believe the cost to operate commercial vehicles can be considerably reduced.

Practical Innovation To Reduce Customer Costs

Mobile Awareness recognizes that the value of improved fleet safety begins with educating and informing customers of the truck safety equipment available today. Employing the latest technology is common to all that we develop. This allows our vehicle safety systems to operate in varied environments found on construction and mining sites, as well as the extreme vibrations common to commercial transport vehicles. Reducing the time and expense of installation is a critical part of the cost equation. Our advanced truck TPMS and backup camera solutions all utilize a range of embedded wireless sensor technology, making installation simpler and more cost effective.

Mobile Awareness was founded in 2007 on the principle that investing in fleet safety returns many benefits. Everything Mobile Awareness does is about Reducing the Total Cost of Safety®

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