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An overlooked expense and priority of any sensor and/or camera based back up system is an efficient and successful install. Depending on vehicle type, product choice, and scheduling requirements, the install can easily become more complex and expensive than the hardware itself. Given the safety related benefits achieved through correct product selection and install, it’s critical that installs be performed by teams of professionals.

At Mobile Awareness, we offer three installation alternatives to most effectively meet your specific needs:

  1.  We will coordinate the selection of a professional installation provider, negotiate your rates payable to the installer, and provide a review of how the installer can best accomplish efficient installations.
  2. We will do all the above but create one invoice that includes both hardware and installation expenses.  With this option you may choose to break your invoice into three equal payments for any fleet install over 25 vehicles, assuming favorable credit.
  3. You can choose to self-install the product. While this is less cash intensive, it is most labor intensive and also prone to error. We do not recommend this option.