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Reducing the Total Cost of Safety

Truck TPMS Sensors & Back Up Camera Equipment

Mobile Awareness designs, develops and markets commercial vehicle safety products such as truck TPMS sensors, obstacle detection and back up camera systems, utilizing leading-edge sensor technology. Our transportation safety solutions help to affordably reduce the costs to operate commercial vehicles by focusing on loss prevention, accident avoidance and asset management. Investing in technology such as a tire pressure monitoring system, which is rooted in safety, helps our customers realize more than just financial gains. We help you limit employee risk, protect your organization’s resources and help reduce the liabilities associated with managing large and small fleets.

Are You Serious About Safety?

Mobile Awareness is serious about safety. That’s why we design and support our commercial-grade TPMS and back up camera solutions in-house. From day one, safety and value have been the guiding principles for our success.

Gary S. Rothstein
President & CEO